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Rotary shredder type ES 60/35

hard disk comminution

In the past the ES 60/35 is very proved at the hard disk comminution.


Our rotary shredders are of a robust design and have proven their effectiveness since    1992.

Our rotary shredder type ES 60/35 is a comminution machine we specifically    designed  for experimental laboratories.

This was developed from the 60/85 - 60/120 series, tried and proven since 1992.

We shortened the machine housing; all other components remain unchanged.

This gives our rotary shredder a much more sturdy construction than numerous competitive devices with the same cutting tool dimensions who completely reconstruct their small machine series, thus making them much weaker than our machine.


We therefore succeeded in adding another rotary shredder size to our product range without having to expand our goods in stock of spare parts.


This has a beneficial effect on our spare parts prices.


2 cutter shafts are driven by separate 2 x 5,5 kW electrical motors with 3-stage planetary gear and consequently deliver 11 kW total driving power.


The machine operates at only approx. 60 r.p.m.; operation is almost silent and dust production is extremely low.


The operating principle of the machine is based on inter-operation of the 2 cutter shafts.


The cutter disks individually replaceable and can be re-ground multiple times.


If the cutter unit is overloaded, the direction of rotation of the machine is automatically reversed in order to prevent jamming.

After several seconds, it is switched back automatically to the working direction.

This makes it possible to prevent the rotary shredder from jamming.


The automatic reversal of rotation direction can be actuated manually at any time using a pushbutton on the control panel, in order to run the rotary shredder empty when changing materials for cleaning.


A counter unit in the control panel monitors the reversal processes with a period of time and shuts off the machine after a defined number of reversal processes and switches to "Malfunction".


This ensures





Technical specifications:

Cutting unit width

600 mm

Cutting unit length

350 mm

Distance between cutter shaft

250 mm

Shaft rotational per minute  Shaft A app.

Shaft rotational per minute  Shaft B app.

60 U/min

  60 U/min

Shaft torque - Shaft A app.

Shaft torque - Shaft B app.

875 Nm

875 Nm

Feeder chute

1.000 x 700 mm

Complete Power

11 kW

Weight app.

1.200 kg