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Rotary Shredder Type ES 750-BD

Rotary Shredder produce biogas, treatment of food waste

Rotary Shredder to produce biogas

Shredder type ES 750-BD specifically developed for the treatment of food waste

and biomass to produce biogas.


Our drive represents cutting edge technology:


The great adavantage of our rotary shredder is the 4 planetary gears with electric motor drive.

The design enables actuation of all 4 shafts journals on both cutter shafts.


This drive technique is distinguished by low torsion and exerts minimum stress on material, as only a fraction of the overall torque is applied to all available shaft journals.


Futher advantage are evident during dismantling of rotary shredders where smaller and lighter gears and electric motors are used.

The planetary gears weight approx.

100 kg

The electric motors weight approx.

80 kg